How Could God Allow All of This Suffering? (Part 4)


(4th of a 5-part Series)
God is Love (2 of 2)
Secondly, it would have been very easy for God to get rid of all pain and suffering. All He would have done was to see to it that all of mankind does things His way in all places at all times from the point of man’s creation until eternity. That means that we will never have to mess things up. And since the world that He had created was perfect, to begin with, there would have been no disobedience, no fall (of man), no sickness, no suffering, no death. A perfect life, right? But would it have been a life of love? Would creating a world of people who can and will only do one thing—to obey God’s authority—be a loving thing? Or would it be a world of robots and puppets doing things based on God’s programming or on the strings that He pulls? Would creating a world of creatures without any freedom of the will be a form of loving act at all? No.
The fact that God allows us to freely decide on things, good or bad, is a function of God’s love for us. He did not and does not consider us as His toys who exist only to please Him and to do things the way He wants us to. He is not a great puppeteer but a loving Father. He tells us what is good and what is bad and constantly reminds us to choose the good rather than the bad, but He leaves the decision to us. He does not coerce us to do anything that we do not like. The consequence, however, is that if we choose not the good but the bad, this leads to destruction, problems, sorrow, pain, and suffering. This is how we ended up with a fallen, messed up world starting with Adam and Eve deciding to disobey God. And everything went downhill from that point on.
Not that Adam and Eve were the only ones to be blamed; all of us are to be blamed. We disobey God all the time. Just think of the last time that you have told a so-called “white lie.” We might think that small acts of disobedience have no bearing on anything. But the reality is that, just as we have seen in my first point, the ripple effect of every action that we do can have macro effects not only on our lives today but even on the lives of others whom we don’t even know a hundred years from now, much like the impact of the decision of Adam and Eve eons ago on the lives of people today.
I know that there can be many more subsequent questions that can be asked, but in the interest of brevity (people hate reading long stuff), let me just say that God loves us enough to give us the freedom to choose the good or the bad. But the bad choices that we make no matter how big or small can result in catastrophic situations, just as what we have right now in the light of COVID-19.
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