Make me understand the way of Your precepts, so I will meditate on Your wonders. — Psalm 119:27

You Don't Agree? I Hate You!

In the name of standing firm on one’s socio-political convictions, many resort to shaming, name-calling, and acts of hatred not only towards strangers but even to their own loved ones, including their parents. What does the Bible say about our attitude and behavior regarding controversial issues?⁣ Here’s a scriptural approach to understanding how a Christian should treat others in cases of opposition from people, parents, and loved ones.⁣

You Don't Agree? I Hate You!

The Church Has Left the Building... But It's Not on Vacation

Today, most especially, Christians need to realize the importance of understanding that the Church is not a building. Regardless of our situation, we do not stop being a church because we could not go to the church building as we usually do.

Is the World Turning to God?

Is the world is turning to God? The answer is it depends. The truth is, pandemic or not, community quarantine or not, people still have a big problem, one that is much worse than any virus or famine or war.

The Letter of Paul to the Filipinos (A Fictional Epistle to Today's Church)

If the apostle Paul were to write a two-chapter epistle today addressed to Filipinos or to many other people groups in the world, especially at this time of crisis, perhaps, just perhaps, it might possibly read something like this.

What If Christ Had Not Risen?

If Jesus had not resurrected, none of us would have any hope of eternal life. When we die, we’d remain dead with no hope of rising again. There would not be any such thing as “we’re going to a better place.”

Holy Week 2020: In Search of Relevance to a World in Crisis

While Holy Week rituals are being observed, there are those who are suffering from the effects of COVID-19. People are dying. Healthcare professionals are franticly working 24/7. And supposed bread-winners are desperately looking for bread in an empty basket. So we might ask, “What is the relevance of the Holy Week to a world that is reeling from the COVID-19 crisis?”

How Could God Allow All This Suffering? (Part 1)

The fact is that many theologians and Christian apologists contend with the problem of evil, pain, and suffering not so easily. It’s a hard and real question that involves both the mind and the emotion. 

Peace for a Troubled World

Peace for a Troubled World

The real assurance that gives us peace is that despite all things that seem to go wrong in this world, God will make things right, in His time.

Worship: Who is God to You?

It is incumbent upon each and every one of us to treat God with the utmost of reverence and respect. We ought to do this when we pray to Him, when we sing to Him, when we dance before Him, when we play our musical instruments to Him, when we do anything at all in His presence.

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